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Freedom of Speech

Explainer Video for ufuq.de

In this project, we had the privilege of producing an exclusive explainer video for our client ufuq.de. The goal of the video was to present the complex topic of freedom of speech and its limits in an easily understandable manner. The video was animated in 2D flat style to provide a clear visual representation.

Our responsibilities extended from concept to completion of the video. We placed special emphasis on visual design in the 2D flat style to present the topic in an engaging manner. Our in-house experts in sound design and sound effects also created a customized soundscape to complement the video’s message.

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The script of the video covers important topics such as the definition of opinions, the distinction between opinions and facts, the significance of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz), and the legal limits of freedom of speech. It also addresses social and societal aspects of freedom of speech, including the fear of societal ostracism and negative consequences when expressing opinions.

The message of the video is clear: Freedom of speech is a valuable asset protected in democracy. However, there are legal and societal boundaries that must be observed to respect the rights of others and prevent misuse.

The explainer video will serve as a valuable educational and informational tool and will be available as a resource on our client ufuq.de’s website. It is part of our efforts to make complex topics understandable and accessible and contributes to promoting the discussion on freedom of speech and its limits.

We are proud to have worked on this project and thank ufuq.de for the collaboration. We look forward to future projects and the opportunity to continue producing valuable content.

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