Course Production

For the numerous sub-modules for CAN, LIN and ISO bus, we handled the editing and post-production of the film recordings as well as the animations and electrotechnical visualizations of the e-learning course.

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About the e-Learning course

What is a bus system?

Like the ISO bus and the LIN bus, the CAN bus is a serial bus system. In motor vehicles and work machines, they ensure communication between electronic control units for a wide variety of tasks. Examples include the engine control unit, hydraulic control unit or control unit of a trailed sprayer.

Difficult troubleshooting

Due to the complexity of bus systems, troubleshooting is often difficult in practice. This course introduces you to the basics and goes into detail about fault diagnosis. You will then use this knowledge and go troubleshooting yourself to identify the five standard faults. Here you will go through all the steps of diagnosis until you finally arrive at the cause according to the exclusion principle.

Target group of the course

Illustrative animations help you to better understand the theory. Detailed video clips and systematic case studies put you directly into practice. The course is aimed at customer service technicians, but also at machine owners who want to carry out the diagnosis themselves.

Scope & conclusion

This online course comprises 3 learning modules with numerous interactive exercises and is available to you for 2 months after booking.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation from the Landakademie.

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