For the eLearning course, we have designed several 3D models that realistically visualize the concepts of African swine fever prevention. These models provide a quick overview of complex hygiene concepts and support the participants’ understanding. In addition to the 3D visualizations, we created icons and symbols that illustrate the course content and were designed according to the specific requirements of the topic.

The learning modules contain interactive exercises that deepen the participants’ knowledge and enable them to actively learn the preventive measures. The examination module tests the knowledge acquired by the participants and ensures that they have understood the content of the course.

eLearning Afrikanische Schweinepest That Works Media 02
eLearning Afrikanische Schweinepest That Works Media 04


Prevention against ASF

The eLearning course on the prevention of African swine fever has been successfully integrated into the Landakademie learning platform and is available to participants. The visual elements, including the 3D models, icons and symbols, help to convey complex concepts in an understandable way and make learning effective.

Certified course

The course enables pig farmers and other interested parties to obtain comprehensive information on the prevention of African swine fever and to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease. The certificate of participation from the Landakademie offers participants official recognition for their commitment to animal disease prevention.

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