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We edit your videos

The video has been shot, but the finishing touches are still missing? Send us an email with details of your project and we will send you a customized quote for your video production based on the work involved.

We take care of the complete post-production of your videos: from the synchronization of the sound and video tracks, audio mastering, colour correction, editing and the final playout of the videos in all the formats you need.

Do you want an atmospheric, calm reportage? Or would you prefer fast, trendy cuts for social media? We adapt to your requirements and ideas and get everything out of your film material.

We not only issue you a license for the use of the final videos, but also license the music and all other graphics used for you. This means that nothing stands in the way of the success of your video on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Our Services


We take care of the video editing for you
of your material: exactly according to your specifications.


We master the recorded audio and improve the sound quality.

Color correction

We correct all unwanted colorations and give the video the desired look.


Do you need subtitles? No problem, we can subtitle the videos for you.

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Competitive Prices

Hourly rate
Book us flexibly for small jobs on an hourly basis
Daily rate
Working on a daily rate basis is ideal for small and medium-sized projects.
120 € discount in comparison
Book us for larger projects and over longer periods of time
We can offer discounts on the daily rate for larger projects
Guaranteed availability & capacities in the booked period

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