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Creative advertising spots, that impress!

We work closely with you to develop a tailor-made concept for your promotional video that appeals to your target group and communicates your message effectively. From brainstorming to the final concept, we will support you with our expertise.

A good script is the key to a successful promotional video. Our experienced scriptwriters will create a convincing script for you that gets to the heart of your story and captivates your viewers.

Using the latest technology and high-quality equipment, we produce your promotional video to the highest quality. From recording to editing, we take care of all aspects of production to ensure your video is professional and engaging.

Our experienced editors put the finishing touches to your promotional video by cutting, animating and adding music and sound effects. We pay great attention to detail and strive to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

At That Works Media, we focus on creativity, quality and professionalism to ensure your success.
We believe that every business has a unique story to tell, and we help you share that story with the world. With our customized approach and personalized attention, we ensure that your promotional videos exceed your expectations and achieve your goals.

The advantages of video advertising

Why advertising videos?

Increase brand awareness

Promotional videos are an effective way of making your brand known to a wide audience and highlighting your company, especially on the Internet.

Effective message delivery

The visual and auditory combination allows promotional videos to convey complex information in an appealing and easy-to-understand way.

Addressing the audience directly

Promotional videos speak directly to the audience and motivate them to act by appealing to emotions and attracting attention.

Acquire new customers

You can use promotional videos to appeal to potential customers and get them to take an interest in your company or products and take action.

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Our process

Questions on the production of commercials

Question & Answers

What does an advertising agency do?
Advertising agencies help companies to increase their brand awareness and promote their products or services.
We develop creative concepts, produce advertising materials such as advertisements and videos and plan advertising campaigns to reach the target group effectively.
Our services also include the analysis of market trends, competitive analyses and the development of marketing strategies.
How does the collaboration work?
The first step is a personal meeting in which we discuss your goals and requirements and develop an understanding of your company and your brand.
Based on this information, we create a customized offer and a schedule for the implementation of your advertising campaign.
We will keep you informed of progress throughout the entire process and are always available to answer your questions and make adjustments.
Can I measure effectiveness?
We provide detailed analysis and reporting on the success of your advertising campaign, including data on reach, engagement, conversions and ROI.
Durch die Nutzung von Tracking-Tools und Analysemethoden können wir den Erfolg Ihrer Werbung in Echtzeit überwachen und bei Bedarf Anpassungen vornehmen, um die Performance zu optimieren.
Our aim is to provide you with clear insights into the performance of your advertising campaign and ensure that you get the best possible value from your investment.

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