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Your e-Learning partner

We work with you to analyze your needs and develop an individual e-learning concept for your course.

Based on your concept and script, we design interactive e-learning modules (so-called Web Based Trainings or WBTs) with unique video, audio, animation and graphic elements.

We ensure that your finished course can be seamlessly integrated into your existing learning management system (LMS), be it SCORM or web-based.

We use a wide range of interactive elements such as quizzes, simulations and multimedia content to increase engagement and optimize the learning experience.

We not only create new e-learning modules, but can also update your existing courses and optimize them both audio-technically and visually. We breathe new life into your old courses!

The benefits of e-learning

Why e-Learning?

Efficient training possibilities

Interactive eLearning enables companies to run training programs more efficiently. Employees can learn at their own pace and have access to interactive exercises and tests to consolidate their knowledge.

Improved employee retention

The interactivity and immersiveness of eLearning motivates and involves employees. Interactive elements such as simulations, games and case studies make the learning process appealing and encourage employee participation and commitment.

Flexibility and accessibility

Interactive eLearning offers flexibility and accessibility, as employees can access the training content anytime and anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for companies with distributed teams or employees who work remotely.

Measurable results and progress

Businesses can easily track and measure the learning progress of their employees. Through interactive tests and assessments, companies can check the level of knowledge of their employees and provide additional training or support if required.

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Questions about e-learning production

Question & Answers

What is eLearning?
eLearning has established itself as a collective term for those forms of learning that are consumed on digital end devices.
Digital media can be used to distribute materials and learning content and check learning progress.
For learners, this means that they can be taught learning content directly and flexibly on their computer or smartphone.
Why eLearning?
Many organizations use eLearning for general information transfer to train their employees and create a common knowledge base.
E-learning courses are particularly worthwhile for businesses for training courses such as onboarding new employees and product training.
eLearning makes it possible to provide and create a constant availability of up-to-date learning units, which is necessary to meet the continuous training needs of employees.
What is an LMS?
LMS stands for “Learning Management System”.
With an LMS, you can create, manage and deliver eLearning courses in the same way that word processing programs (e.g. Microsoft Word) help you write documents and email servers (e.g. Gmail) help you manage your emails.
However, external courses can also be uploaded and added to an LMS via the SCORM file format.
Where is e-learning being used?
E-learning courses are particularly often used by companies for internal employee training.
This includes, for example, technical training, product training, sales training, specialist training, onboarding training for new employees and regular compliance training.
However, associations and NGOs are also increasingly relying on multilingual e-learning courses to provide educational opportunities in ever new areas on a decentralized basis.

e-Learning projects

e-Learning | Farm&Food Praxis-Talk
Project:Farm & Food 4.0
Customer:Farm & Food 4.0, Bauernzeitung und Landakademie
Link:All Videos
Landakademie Kursnavigation e-Learning ThatWorksMedia 01
eLearning | Landakademie Screencast
Project:e-Learningkurs: Landakademie Kursnavigation
Customer:dbv network GmbH
Link:Full Course
e-learning can-bus kursproduktion 01
e-Learning | BUS-Systems Course
Projekt:e-Learningkurs: BUS-Systeme
Kunde:dbv network GmbH
Link:Zum Kurs

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