For the production of the music video, we organized and carried out the filming on the beaches and in the hinterland of Pondicherry. Care was taken to capture the atmosphere and mood of the song and make it visually appealing.
Post-production involved editing the video footage, processing the footage and synchronizing it with Sapta’s music track. Visual effects and color correction were used to enhance the atmosphere of the video and support the message of the song.

Musikvideo Produktion Sapta ThatWorksMedia 03
Musikvideo Produktion Sapta ThatWorksMedia 05


The music video “It’s Ok (feat. Hashbass)” has been successfully released and has received positive feedback from viewers and fans of Sapta. The video has helped to promote the EP “Out of the Blue” and make Sapta’s music accessible to a wider audience.
Through the emotional portrayal of the subject matter and the engaging visuals, the music video was able to reach viewers and take them on a moving journey. Working with Sapta allowed us to realize the artist’s vision and produce a stunning music video that effectively supports his music.

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