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Portfolio Category: Postproduction

animierte dokus woerter im wandel twm 11 quarantine-min

Wörter im Wandel |
Animated Documentaries

Animated explanatory videos on etymology The aim of the project was to design, animate and produce a series of explanatory videos dealing with the diverse etymology of everyday German terms such as “quarantine”, “raid” or the origin of “spinach”. The target…

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wikimedia postproduktion berlin twm

Wikimedia |
Forum Open Education

Postproduction Through our professional video production, we contributed to enriching the Forum Open Education 2021 with high-quality recordings. Our work helped to support the goals of the event and promote discussions about contemporary education. Solutions 1. Various video contributions The video…

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berliner mauer doku thatworksmedia 01

Documentary |
The Berlin Wall

Objectives The main aim of this project is to document and communicate the significance of the Berlin Wall as a historical and cultural heritage. By exploring the history and current significance of the Wall, locals and tourists should develop a deeper…

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ratepay |
Retail Talk Video

Content of the Retail Talk The Ratepay Retail Talk event marked a significant step in a new format for the company. Ratepay is considering holding these events more frequently, possibly two or three times a year. The basic concept behind these…

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ratepay |
Exhibition Film K5

Implementation We accompanied Ratepay during their visit to the trade fair and captured important moments and conversations with customers and partners. The focus was on capturing the atmosphere of the trade fair and conveying the enthusiasm for Ratepay’s products and services….

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ratepay |
Event Video Retail Talk II

Production The responsibilities within the “Retail Talk II” project for Ratepay included the following tasks: Recording the panel discussion: conducting the video recording of the entire discussion, including the technical set-up of cameras, sound and lighting equipment and ensuring a smooth…

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ratepay |
Eventfilm Retail Talk III

Production Through our work, we were able to successfully film and produce part 3 of the Retail Talk series for Ratepay. Both the event trailer and the event film offer a comprehensive insight into the panel discussion on the latest eCommerce…

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Social Media Instagram Werbung Videoproduktion Nina Lehmann 02

Nina Lehmann |
Instagram Ads

Implementation Our team took on several tasks to make the videos appealing and professional: Post-production: Editing of the Reels: arefully cutting and editing the videos to ensure a dynamic and engaging presentation. Color Grading & Correction: Color correction and matching to…

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NDR Documentary |

Implementation For the intro and outro of the documentary, we developed high-quality animations that capture the mood and theme of the program. The map animations were used to illustrate the geographical location and itinerary through Kazakhstan to the audience, showcasing the…

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sapta musikvideo produktion berlin 02

Music Video |
Sapta – Stay Inside

Implementation For the production of the music video, we used drone footage from Berlin and Assam to create a unique and appealing backdrop. The shots were composed to capture the tranquil mood of the world during the quarantine period while showcasing…

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