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Successful marketing through professional film production.



In close cooperation with you, we create a concept for your image film that suits your needs.

Film production

Depending on the requirements of the project, we create the graphics in the next step and organize the shooting in the studio or at your company.

Post production

Film editing, motion design and the audio recordings of the voice over come together in the last step.

Custom Tailored Advertising

You need dynamic advertising films for your product or company? Together with you, we develop a detailed plan with which formats and on which platforms you can best reach your target group. We tell your story and convey your company’s values in creative commercial film formats to generate passion and interest for your cause. In an increasingly digital world, we as a company put a special focus on the human experience behind the pure data. Depending on the requirements of your project, we work with artists and creatives from the industry to impress your customer with innovative concepts.

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Taiga Naturkost Website Image Film Animation 1
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Present your company

An image film is a film that presents a company, organization, brand, product or service. Whether a video is made for internal or external communication, for recruiting or testimonials, the image film has many faces. Its primary purpose is to establish a positive image and increase awareness of the topic being discussed.
This is achieved by giving viewers a better understanding of the company’s products or services, intentions and values through behind-the-scenes insights. In addition to pure information and facts, the moving images in the image film should above all touch and inspire the viewer emotionally and convey a memorable and positive overall picture.

Our Services

As an agency, That Works Media offers the full production service for the recording of complete image films and corporate videos from a single source. Our films are particularly keen to generate an emotionally positive perception of your company and to impress your customers in a positive way.
We are happy to adapt the film individually for trade fairs, congresses, social media or television so that you can reach your target group in the best possible way. The image film can easily provide information about your new products and methods digitally, via platforms such as YouTube, as well as at trade fairs and meetings. Integrate your image film on your company website, which brings you significant SEO advantages and an improved Google ranking.

Taiga Naturkost Website Image Film Animation 2
Taiga Naturkost Website Image Film Animation 1
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Testimonial Videos

In advertising, a testimonial is a statement that describes and highlights the benefits and highlights of a product or service. This is a field report, a success story in an interview situation, which increases the credibility of the product or service. In video marketing, testimonials are also used to increase brand awareness and sympathy.
Testimonials use the fact that people invest a lot of attention and feelings when it comes to other people. As a result, they identify with the product and are increasingly encouraged to buy it.

Films for recruiting

Present yourself as an attractive employer with a film and improve your recruiting. Video recruiting is used as an employer branding tool to support the recruiting of highly qualified and motivated specialists. As an employee video, it is aimed at potential new employees and presents the company or organization as an exciting employer. This creates interest in the advertisement and significantly increases the number of qualified applicants. At the same time, suitable top executives who fit the corporate culture are addressed and enthusiastic about the company. A recruiting video has a double positive effect: the video represents the desired company image and establishes a recognizable “brand”.

Taiga Naturkost Website Image Film 2
Taiga Naturkost Website Image Film 1

Free Consulting

Send us an email with details about your project and we will send you an offer.


Personal care

We are there for you personally for every project – from the first sentence of the concept to the finished film.


Multilingual formats

We would be happy to produce your image film in different languages so that you address your target group directly.


We are a digital media company based out of Berlin, Germany. With a wide range from video production to motion graphics and postproduction, we can help your projects come to life.

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