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Portfolio Category: Explainer Films

animierte dokus woerter im wandel twm 11 quarantine-min

Wörter im Wandel |
Animated Documentaries

Animated explanatory videos on etymology The aim of the project was to design, animate and produce a series of explanatory videos dealing with the diverse etymology of everyday German terms such as “quarantine”, “raid” or the origin of “spinach”. The target…

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7-Part Video Series

Implementation For the production of the video series, we took over the planning and execution of the interview shoots in the individual daycare centers and kindergartens. The FRÖBEL specialists were asked about the various educational focuses and their answers were recorded.The…

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Explainer Video |

Implementation The explainer video was developed in close collaboration with Frontier Pharmaceuticals. First, a storyboard was created that outlined the flow of the video as well as the visual elements and graphics. Based on the storyboard, all the required visual elements…

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Aryabhatta Dokumentarfilm Animierter Erklärfilm Berlin 00

Explainer video |

Implementation For the production of the animated documentary, we developed the script, which covers the life story of Aryabhata and his most important achievements. We designed the visual elements, created the animations and produced all aspects of the film entirely in-house….

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Explainer Video |
Freedom of Expression

Content of the video The script of the video covers important topics such as the definition of opinions, the distinction between opinions and facts, the meaning of the Basic Law and the legal limits of freedom of expression. It also addresses…

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Explainer Video |

Implementation For the production of the explanatory film, a detailed script was developed by Kristian Baumann, which defined the structure and content of the film. We used various animation techniques to vividly illustrate the evolution from tools to AI assistants. Historical…

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