For the production of the animated documentary, we developed the script, which covers the life story of Aryabhata and his most important achievements. We designed the visual elements, created the animations and produced all aspects of the film entirely in-house. Historical research was conducted to ensure the accuracy of the depiction of Aryabhata’s life and work, and the animations were carefully crafted to bring Aryabhata’s story to life and captivate the audience. Various animation techniques have been used to ensure a dynamic and engaging presentation.

Aryabhatta Dokumentarfilm Animierter Erklärfilm Berlin 01
Aryabhatta Dokumentarfilm Animierter Erklärfilm Berlin 02


The animated documentary on Aryabhata has been successfully released on Youtube and has received positive response from viewers and critics. The film has helped to spread knowledge about Aryabhata and his contributions to mathematics and astronomy and to honor his legacy.
The production of the documentary was done entirely in-house, resulting in a seamless execution of the project. The animated portrayal of Aryabhata has helped make his life and work accessible to a wide audience and commemorate his legacy as one of the most eminent scholars of the Indian subcontinent.

Aryabhatta Lambert Dokumentarfilm Animierter Erklärfilm Berlin 05
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