Course Production

The finished training video was successfully integrated into the Landakademie’s e-learning course. The participants received up-to-date and practical information on plant protection in the trade, including legal requirements and best practices for dealing with customers. After completing the course, the participants received a nationally recognized certificate of attendance for the legally required further training for the certificate of competence in plant protection.



Added value

By working with us, the Landakademie was able to expand its e-learning course with a high-quality training video that offers learners an interactive and informative learning approach. The participants benefited from effective knowledge transfer and acquired important qualifications for their profession in retail.


The video production for the online training course on “Plant protection in the trade” was a successful project that helped to expand the training courses offered by the Landakademie and provide participants with valuable knowledge and skills. We are proud to have contributed to the further development of the Landakademie’s educational program and look forward to further successful collaboration in the future.

We produce e-learning courses.
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