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We had the privilege of recording an exclusive panel discussion for Ratepay, featuring leading AI experts who delved into the transformative potential of AI in the financial services, payments, and financial technology sectors. This engaging conversation was aptly titled “The Future of AI-Powered Transactions.”

Our responsibilities encompassed the entire event recording process and meticulous post-production work. Beyond capturing the substantive panel discussion, we artfully crafted an impression video, seamlessly integrating B-roll shots to provide a glimpse into the event’s social atmosphere. The complete video will soon be available online through Ratepay as a complimentary webinar, ensuring that this valuable discussion reaches a wide audience.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Ratepay for this exciting collaboration and eagerly look forward to the opportunity of working on more engaging projects together in the future.


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The Ratepay Retail Talk event marked a significant step in a new format for the company. Ratepay is considering holding these events more frequently, possibly two or three times a year. The core concept behind these gatherings is to bring together experts from various fields and industries, fostering robust discussions and inspiring the generation of new ideas and innovative projects.

This event, hosted in Ratepay’s new home since the end of February, was a special occasion. Previously, Ratepay’s office space in Berlin Charlottenburg, Franklin Strasse, didn’t have the capacity to host such events. However, the new office space allows them to not only accommodate their employees but also open their doors to Ratepay’s extended family and friends, creating the perfect setting for engaging and memorable events.

For their inaugural retail talk, Ratepay chose a compelling and timely topic: “The Future of AI-Based Transactions.” The choice was driven by the acute relevance of AI in today’s world, where AI has become omnipresent. While AI has been in development for more than a decade, recent advancements, such as OpenAI and ChatGPT, have propelled it into the mainstream.

Ratepay noticed that many discussions on this topic often remain at a surface level or are dominated by discussions of regulation and risks, often with a somewhat negative connotation. Ratepay aimed to shift the narrative by exploring the positive aspects of AI, delving deeply into its potential to enhance consumer and customer experiences and drive innovation forward.

The event was graced by a panel of distinguished experts who have collectively spent more than a decade working in AI. Their experiences and insights brought depth and nuance to the discussions. The panel was expertly moderated by Deanna, who herself has a rich background in product development and AI from her time at eBay.

Following the panel discussion, the audience had the opportunity to pose questions, fostering an interactive and engaging atmosphere. Attendees were also treated to a selection of fine wines and gin tonics, creating a relaxed environment for networking and further discussions.

Ratepay’s commitment to innovation and knowledge sharing was evident throughout the event. They invited attendees to explore their office spaces and experience the company’s culture firsthand, adding a unique dimension to the event.

In summary, the Ratepay Retail Talk event not only explored the future of AI-based transactions but also set the stage for a new format of engaging discussions and knowledge sharing, reinforcing Ratepay’s commitment to innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving world of AI and financial technology.


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