Content of the Retail Talk

The Ratepay Retail Talk event marked a significant step in a new format for the company. Ratepay is considering holding these events more frequently, possibly two or three times a year. The basic concept behind these meetings is to bring together experts from different fields and industries to encourage in-depth discussions and stimulate the generation of new ideas and innovative projects.

This event, which has been taking place in Ratepay’s new office since the end of February, was a special occasion. Previously, Ratepay’s office location in Berlin Charlottenburg, Franklin Strasse, did not have the capacity to host such events. However, the new office allows them to not only accommodate their employees, but also open the doors to Ratepay’s extended family and friends, creating the perfect backdrop for interesting and memorable events. For their first Retail Talk, Ratepay chose a compelling and timely topic: ‘The future of AI-driven transactions’. The choice was driven by the acute relevance of AI in today’s world, where AI has become ubiquitous. While AI has been in development for more than a decade, recent advances such as OpenAI and ChatGPT have thrust it into the spotlight.

Ratepay noted that many discussions on this topic often remain superficial or are dominated by discussions of regulation and risk, often with a somewhat negative connotation. Ratepay intended to change the narrative by exploring the positive aspects of AI and delving deep into its potential to improve consumer and customer experiences and drive innovation. The event was enriched by a panel of eminent experts who have collectively worked in the AI industry for more than a decade. Their experiences and insights brought depth and nuance to the discussions. The panel was skillfully moderated by Deanna, who herself has a rich background in product development and AI from her time at eBay.

After the panel discussion, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions, which created an interactive and exciting atmosphere. Attendees were also treated to a selection of fine wines and gin and tonics, creating a relaxed environment for networking and further discussion. Ratepay’s commitment to innovation and knowledge sharing was evident throughout the event. They invited attendees to explore their office space and experience the company culture first hand, which added a unique dimension to the event.

In summary, the Ratepay Retail Talk event not only explored the future of AI-driven transactions, but also paved the way for a new format of stimulating discussion and knowledge sharing, reaffirming Ratepay’s commitment to innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving world of AI and financial technology.



The full video of the panel discussion will soon be available online via Ratepay as a free webinar to ensure the valuable discussion reaches a wide audience. By recording and publishing the discussion, Ratepay can demonstrate its commitment to innovative topics and knowledge sharing in the retail industry. We thank Ratepay for the great collaboration and look forward to working together on even more exciting projects in the future.

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