The responsibilities within the “Retail Talk II” project for Ratepay included the following tasks:

  1. Recording the panel discussion: conducting the video recording of the entire discussion, including the technical set-up of cameras, sound and lighting equipment and ensuring a smooth recording.
  2. Post-production: Editing and compiling the recorded material, including editing the panel discussion, integrating b-roll shots for the impression video and creating the full webinar video.
  3. Creation of the impression trailer video: Development of an impression video that captures the atmosphere and highlights of the event and gives a vivid impression through the skillful integration of B-roll shots.
  4. Production of the webinar video: Creation of a full video of Retail Talk II to be made available online by Ratepay as a free webinar, both for information and e-learning purposes.
  5. Quality control: Ensuring the high quality of the material produced by carefully checking for technical accuracy, visual aesthetics and content coherence.
  6. Collaboration and communication: Working closely with the Ratepay team throughout the project to ensure the client’s vision and requirements were met, as well as communicating regularly on progress and any adjustments.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, we were able to ensure that Ratepay’s Retail Talk II was successfully produced and presented to drive the discussion on the future of payments.



The event videos and full webinar offer Ratepay the opportunity to bring the discussion on the future of payments to a wider audience. Making the webinar available as an e-learning resource allows viewers to further educate themselves and deepen their understanding of Artificial Intelligence in finance. We would like to thank Ratepay for the renewed collaboration and look forward to more exciting projects in the future.

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