Through our work, we were able to successfully film and produce part 3 of the Retail Talk series for Ratepay. Both the event trailer and the event film offer a comprehensive insight into the panel discussion on the latest eCommerce and retail trends in 2024. The videos are now available for free on YouTube and serve as a valuable source of information for those interested in the industry.


Our production enabled Ratepay to strengthen its position as an expert in eCommerce payment solutions and provide insights into current trends in the industry. The free videos on YouTube help to raise awareness of Ratepay as an information source and service provider in the eCommerce industry.
Working with Ratepay on part 3 of the Retail Talk series was an exciting project that allowed us to produce high quality event videos and disseminate information on the latest eCommerce and retail trends. We are proud to have been part of this project and look forward to more successful collaborations with Ratepay in the future.

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