When producing the promotional video, we focused on the simplicity and quality of Vinz&Erwin’s products. The leather bag Model No.1 “Meraki” was staged in various settings to emphasize its versatility and timelessness. The vintage look of the bag was broken up with bright colors on the straps to create a visual contrast.

The music featured in all the videos was produced in-house specifically for this project and adds to the atmosphere and mood of the videos. The short clips for social media were tailored to the needs of the respective platforms and contain appealing visual elements to capture the interest of the target group.



The promotional video for Vinz&Erwin was successfully presented on the brand’s website, on social media and at events. The visual representation of the Model No.1 “Meraki” leather bag and the emphasis on the brand’s values and quality standards helped to arouse the interest of potential customers and increase brand awareness.

The short clips for social media have increased engagement with the target audience and helped to extend the brand’s reach. The music produced specifically for this project supported the mood of the videos and enhanced the brand experience for viewers.

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