We changed the design of the website to a minimalist and elegant concept that emphasizes the importance of healthy emotional boundaries. Navigation has been simplified and loading times optimized to ensure a faster and smoother experience for visitors.

The information pages have been redesigned and expanded to provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of the center’s diverse topics and offerings. New subpages have been added to provide visitors with an overview of cooperating psychologists and psychiatrists as well as an overview of available literature.

A particular highlight of the website redesign is the integrated language switching function, which allows visitors to switch between English, German and Dutch. This makes the website accessible to a wider audience and improves user-friendliness.



The website redesign for was successfully implemented and has received positive feedback from visitors.
The new website offers an improved user experience and allows visitors to find information and get support easily and efficiently. The integration of multiple language options makes the website accessible to a wider audience and underlines’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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