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Portfolio Category: Advertisement


Vinz&Erwin |
Promotional Video

Implementation When producing the promotional video, we focused on the simplicity and quality of Vinz&Erwin’s products. The leather bag Model No.1 “Meraki” was staged in various settings to emphasize its versatility and timelessness. The vintage look of the bag was broken…

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Taiga_Image Film_That_Works_Media_04

Taiga |
Image Film

Image Film Production Inspired by Taiga Naturkost’s commitment to nature-inspired living, our creative approach focused on capturing the beauty of natural landscapes, the freshness of organic produce and the joy of healthy cooking. Our aim was to create an emotional connection…

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Social Media Instagram Werbung Videoproduktion Nina Lehmann 02

Nina Lehmann |
Instagram Ads

Implementation Our team took on several tasks to make the videos appealing and professional: Post-production: Editing of the Reels: arefully cutting and editing the videos to ensure a dynamic and engaging presentation. Color Grading & Correction: Color correction and matching to…

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design food delivery service app berlin thatworksmedia 02

Graphic Design
Delivery Bags

Implementation For the design of the carrier bags, we carried out a creative concept development based on the values and identity of Eataround Delivery. We opted for a design that shows a group of happy people enjoying their dinner together. This…

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extrafresh |
Blog & Video Production

Implementation Through our video production and blog articles, ExtraFresh Agency was able to raise awareness of their brand and generate interest from potential clients in the film industry. The videos vividly demonstrated the benefits of their platforms, while the blog articles…

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essensfotografie berlin thatworksmedia 07

Food Photography
in Berlin

Food Photography in Berlin For the food photography, we visited various restaurants in Berlin and photographed their dishes with attention to detail. We focused on capturing the quality and presentation of the dishes in the best possible way to appeal to…

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dena |
Smart Meter Rollout

Implementation We worked closely with the Gretchen agency to develop the concept for the trailer. Emphasis was placed on a dynamic and engaging presentation of the people involved and the subject matter. By using high-quality footage and professional editing techniques, a…

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werbung filmproduktion animation thatworksmedia 01

Delivery App |
Video Advertisement

Implementation From filming on the streets of Berlin to post-production, VFX and animation, the entire production was realized by the team at That Works Media. We focused on presenting the electric car and the new packaging symbols in dynamic and engaging…

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Ankorstore |
Testimonial Video Production

Implementation For the testimonial video, we conducted an interview with the managing director of Dr. Jaglas, in which she shares her experiences with Ankorstore. The interview was complemented with cinematic footage of Dr. Jaglas’ product range and animated sequences of the…

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