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We produce e-Learning videos


We produce e-Learning videos

Videos play a crucial role in the creation of high-quality e-learning content. They make it possible to convey complex concepts in an understandable and engaging way and create an immersive learning experience. With our focus on video content, we take your e-learning courses to the next level.

Flexible conditions for individual needs

Our services are characterized by their flexibility. In addition to the overall production of your eLearning module, we also offer individual production steps. If you already have a script, we can take over the production of the visual elements on this basis. Our aim is to realize your vision and offer you tailor-made solutions.

Updating and localization for optimal adaptation

We understand that content can change over time and that adapting to different audiences is crucial. That’s why we also offer services to update and localize your e-learning courses. Whether it’s updating existing courses or creating new language versions, we’re here to help.

Flexible use of all common authoring tools

Our expertise extends to the use of all common authoring tools. We select the right tool to equip your eLearning with the required functions. Our aim is to ensure seamless integration into your existing system and a smooth learning experience.

The production of e-learning videos

What sets us apart is our particular expertise in video production. With a background in producing films and documentaries, we can create high-quality video content that will bring your e-learning courses to life. From conception to implementation, we place great emphasis on creativity and quality to create an immersive learning experience.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Say goodbye to:

  • high costs
  • Lack of expertise
  • distraction from your core competencies
  • limited scalability
  • additional risks
  • possible inefficiency

Rely on:

  • demonstrable cost reduction
  • access to expert knowledge
  • defined, proven processes
  • agile collaboration
  • rapid response to market changes
  • risk minimization
  • improved service quality
  • Increased competitiveness
  • business flexibility

Production process for the creation of e-learning videos

Analysis and concept development:
First, we conduct a thorough needs analysis to understand the client’s objectives, target audience and desired learning content.
Based on this information, we develop a detailed concept for the e-learning video, which includes the structure, content, visual elements and didactic design.
Our experts create a script that structures the entire content of the video and defines the scenes as well as the dialog or explanations.
The script is developed in close consultation with the client and feedback is added to ensure that it meets the requirements and expectations.
Storyboard creation:
Based on the script, we create a storyboard that outlines the visual representation of each scene in the video.
The storyboard allows the client to get a clear idea of the visual realization and make changes before the actual production.
Design and graphics:
Our designers and graphic artists create the visual elements of the video, including graphics, animations, illustrations and any symbols or icons required.
The design is based on the client’s corporate identity and is adapted accordingly.
Video recording and production:
Once the storyboard and design have been approved, the actual production of the video takes place. Depending on requirements, filming is carried out in one location or multiple locations, using professional equipment and technology to ensure high quality.
We take care of all aspects of the production, including the selection of actors or voice actors, lighting, sound recording and editing, and compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.
Post-production and editing:
The recorded footage is edited in post-production to create the final video.
This includes adding animation, graphics, music and sound effects, as well as cutting and stitching the footage together to ensure a cohesive and engaging narrative.
Review and feedback:
Upon completion of production, a pre-version of the video will be provided to the client for review and feedback submission.
The client has the opportunity to suggest changes or adjustments, which are then implemented to ensure the final product meets expectations.
Finalization and deployment:
Upon final approval from the client, the video is finalized and delivered in the desired formats to be integrated into various e-learning platforms or systems.
We also assist the client with the implementation and integration of the video into their e-learning environment and are available for technical support if required.

Evaluation and optimization:
After the video is published, we monitor performance and success using metrics such as user engagement, completion rates and feedback.
Based on these findings, we offer support in optimizing the video or developing further content to continuously improve the learning experience.

By following this detailed process, we ensure effective and professional production of e-learning videos that meet our clients’ needs and objectives.

Contact us today to find out more about our e-learning video production services.

With our experience and dedication, we’d love to help you take your e-learning content to the next level.

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