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B2B social media: strategy, platforms and case studies


B2B social media: strategy, platforms and case studies

B2B social media: The age of social media marketing has also firmly taken hold of the B2B sector and has become an integral part of the marketing mix. This article covers key aspects of B2B social media marketing, including strategy, platforms and case studies.

Benefits of social media in B2B

Why is social media marketing relevant for B2B companies today? The answer is simple: the B2B target audience is active on various social media. Even if these activities do not take place during working hours, business contacts interact with favorite social media platforms outside of regular working hours. This provides the opportunity to access relevant information outside of the business environment.

In addition, users leave a variety of data on social media, which enables companies to address their target group in a targeted manner. By analyzing this data, B2B companies can optimize their marketing strategies and spread their messages more effectively.

The following steps are particularly important:

  • Setting goals:Companies should define clear goals for their social media activities, such as lead generation, customer loyalty or branding.
  • Identifying the target group: By defining the target group and, if necessary, creating buyer personas, companies can define their B2B target group more precisely.
  • Selection of channels: Based on the goals and the target group, the appropriate social media platforms should be selected.
  • Content creation: Companies should consider what content they want to publish and how they can make it channel-specific.

Social media platforms for B2B companies

A variety of social media platforms are suitable for B2B companies, including:

  • YouTube: Works well for companies with products or services that require explanation, as videos are particularly popular here.
  • Xing: Particularly popular in German-speaking countries and offers a wide range of targeting options for B2B companies.
  • LinkedIn: With over 500 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is an important platform for B2B marketing, especially for academic target groups.
  • X (Twitter): Ideal for companies looking to share relevant content with thought leaders in their industry.
  • WhatsApp Business: Suitable for customer service and interaction with the target group
  • Facebook: Offers a wide range of opportunities for B2B companies, especially in the area of lead generation and branding.
  • Instagram: Mainly suitable for branding purposes and particularly popular with younger target groups.
  • Pinterest: Offers interesting advertising opportunities, especially for companies with visually appealing products.
  • TikTok: Although less suitable for B2B companies, it is a way for innovative companies to present themselves as modern and innovative.

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Tips for successful B2B social media marketing

To be successful in B2B social media marketing, companies should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Quality content: High-quality content is crucial for success in the social media sector.
  • Editorial planning: Good planning makes it easier to carry out social media activities and keeps your team up to date with the latest marketing developments.
  • Target group testing: By running tests and comparing different approaches (e.g. A/B testing of thumbnails), companies can find out which target groups work best.
  • Investment in advertising: An appropriate budget allocation for advertising is crucial for the success of social media campaigns.


B2B social media marketing offers companies a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience and build long-term relationships.

However, it is important to understand that social media works differently in the B2B sector than in the B2C sector. Therefore, it requires a specific strategy and approach.

An important aspect of B2B social media marketing is to continuously analyze and adjust the strategy. By monitoring key figures such as engagement rates, conversion rates and reach, companies can measure the success of their social media activities and make optimizations where necessary. In addition, tools for social media analysis provide a deeper insight into the behavior of the target group and the effectiveness of the content.

B2B companies should also actively promote dialog with their target group. By responding to comments, answering questions and participating in discussions, they can strengthen the trust of their customers and potential customers and build long-term relationships. In addition to organic activity, paid advertising is also an effective way to increase the reach and visibility of B2B companies on social media. Targeting allows ads to be tailored precisely to the needs and interests of the target group, which can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Overall, B2B social media marketing offers a multitude of opportunities for companies to increase their brand awareness, generate leads and build long-term customer relationships. By developing a sound strategy, providing quality content and actively engaging with their target audience, B2B companies can harness the full potential of social media and achieve sustainable success.

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