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Portfolio Category: Documentary

berliner mauer doku thatworksmedia 01

Documentary |
The Berlin Wall

Objectives The main aim of this project is to document and communicate the significance of the Berlin Wall as a historical and cultural heritage. By exploring the history and current significance of the Wall, locals and tourists should develop a deeper…

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NDR Documentary |

Implementation For the intro and outro of the documentary, we developed high-quality animations that capture the mood and theme of the program. The map animations were used to illustrate the geographical location and itinerary through Kazakhstan to the audience, showcasing the…

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Aryabhatta Dokumentarfilm Animierter Erklärfilm Berlin 00

Explainer video |

Implementation For the production of the animated documentary, we developed the script, which covers the life story of Aryabhata and his most important achievements. We designed the visual elements, created the animations and produced all aspects of the film entirely in-house….

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Documentary |
Story of Adyar

Press reviews “”Until the late 1980s, Susai’s entire family in Pattinapakkam was busy fishing in the Adyar estuary. Now only his son Sahayam ventures into the sea to fish. The reason for this is that the heavy pollution near the estuary…

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