Through our video production and blog articles, ExtraFresh Agency was able to raise awareness of their brand and generate interest from potential clients in the film industry. The videos vividly demonstrated the benefits of their platforms, while the blog articles addressed relevant topics and showcased ExtraFresh Agency’s expertise.
The background music was produced specifically for the project to emphasize the mood of the video. Depending on the intended use, three different versions of the video were created: one with subtitles, one without subtitles and one in different formats to serve different marketing channels.



Our work helped to strengthen the ExtraFresh Agency’s brand image and consolidate its positioning as an innovative solution in the film industry. The engaging videos and informative blog articles helped to attract the interest of potential customers and convince them of the benefits of the ExtraFresh platforms.

The video production and blog article creation for the ExtraFresh Agency were successful projects that helped to raise awareness of their brand and generate interest from potential customers. We are proud to have been part of this project and look forward to further successful collaborations with the ExtraFresh Agency.

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