The first talk on the topic of communication in agriculture was a complete success with almost 400 participants. The second practical talk was also characterized by an open exchange, a lot of mutual interest and points of contact on the topic of “digital agricultural trade”. Practice Talk #03 on the topic of climate farming, humus formation and CO2 storage brought us the record number of participants to date with over 400 viewers. Practice Talk #04 dealt with the topic of “The future of agriculture: profitable, sustainable, worth living – visions from the field”. The fifth Practice Talk dealt with the topic of “New value creation networks – out of the world market and into pleasure?”
On June 16, the sixth Praxis-Talk took place on the topic of biostimulants. The new inputs are intended to improve the nutrient uptake and quality of crops and increase yields and tolerance to abiotic stress.


Information about the online course


For the development of the e-learning materials, the content of the practical talks was processed into structured learning modules. Based on the discussions and presentations, web-based training courses were created that contain interactive elements such as quizzes, case studies and exercises to promote the understanding and application of knowledge.


In addition, video courses have been produced that expand on the most important topics of the practical talks and offer practical instructions as well as tips and tricks for implementation in agricultural practice. The courses were produced in high-quality video and are structured in a modular format to enable flexible use.

The e-learning materials were developed in close cooperation with the organizers of Farm&Food 4.0 and are suitable for both beginners and advanced farmers. They are presented on a dedicated platform for e-learning and are accessible free of charge to registered participants of the practical talks.


The development of e-learning materials has expanded Farm&Food 4.0’s offering and allows knowledge about progress in agriculture to be shared in a flexible and time-independent way. The WBTs and video courses have helped to increase participant engagement and deepen their understanding of the various topics.

We produce e-Learning courses.
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