For the design of the carrier bags, we carried out a creative concept development based on the values and identity of Eataround Delivery. We opted for a design that shows a group of happy people enjoying their dinner together. This motif is intended to symbolize the community and joy of eating while emphasizing the company’s environmentally friendly focus.
The bags were designed using colors, fonts and graphic elements that represent Eataround Delivery’s brand image. We worked closely with the Eataround Delivery team to ensure the design met the company’s requirements and vision.

design food delivery service app berlin thatworksmedia 02
design food delivery service app berlin thatworksmedia 03


The new design of the carrier bags for Eataround Delivery has been successfully launched and positively received by customers. The carrier bags not only serve as a practical means of transportation for deliveries, but also as Eataround Delivery’s trademark, conveying the company’s environmentally friendly philosophy.

The design has helped to strengthen the awareness and image of Eataround Delivery and position the company as an environmentally conscious alternative on the market. Interested companies are welcome to contact us for professional graphic design for their products and brands.

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