We began by selecting the images from the managing director’s time at Fröbel and identifying those that were particularly significant. These images were then transformed into 3D animations, paying particular attention to details such as movement, transitions and visual effects.
The finished 3D animations were then compiled into an emotional farewell film, which was presented at the managing director’s farewell party. The animations created a nostalgic atmosphere and helped to emphasize the importance of his time at Fröbel and celebrate special moments.



The farewell film with 3D image animations was a great success at Fröbel’s farewell party for the managing director. The animations created a deep emotional impact and helped to keep the memories of his time at the company alive. The Managing Director and the employees of Fröbel were touched by the design of the film and grateful for this special tribute.
Through the use of 3D image animation, we were able to create a unique
and appealing farewell film for Fröbel, which gave the managing
the managing director and honored his time at the company.
and honored his time with the company. The animations gave the film a special touch and helped to
helped to create an unforgettable memory.
Working with Fröbel to create the farewell film with 3D image animation was an enriching experience. We are proud to have produced a film that gave the CEO a fitting farewell and created an emotional connection to his time at the company.

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