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Complete Website Redesign: Horizologie

The website “Horizologie.ch” was completely redesigned by our team to create a modern and user-friendly experience for visitors. We changed the design to a minimalistic and elegant concept that emphasizes the importance of healthy emotional boundaries.

Navigation was simplified and page load times improved for a faster and smoother experience. The information pages were revised to provide more information about the Center’s diverse topics and offerings to give site visitors a better idea of what to expect.

In addition, we added several new subpages that allow visitors to get an overview of collaborating psychologists and psychiatrists and easily review literature.

n particular highlight of our website redesign is the possibility to easily switch the language between English, German and Dutch. We have included an integrated language switching function that allows visitors to select the desired language with a simple click. This way, both German-speaking, English-speaking and Dutch-speaking visitors can easily use and understand the website.

Overall, our goal was to create a website that highlights the competencies of the psychological center in working with the ego boundary and makes it easy for visitors to find support and order materials.

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