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Our team took on several tasks to make the videos appealing and professional:

  1. Post-production:
    • Editing of the Reels: arefully cutting and editing the videos to ensure a dynamic and engaging presentation.
    • Color Grading & Correction: Color correction and matching to make the videos visually appealing and more recognizable.
  2. 2. Audio:

    • Music and Sounddesign:

      selecting and incorporating appropriate music tracks and sound effects to convey the desired mood and energy.

    • Enhancing recorded audio: Optimizing sound quality through noise.

    3.Text and Animation:

    • Individal Subtitles: Insert subtitles in the style of the website to maintain branding consistency and increase accessibility.
    • Outro-Animation with CTA: Creation of an appealing closing animation with a call-to-action to motivate viewers to register for the event.

    4. Content Adaptation:

    • Script Revision:

      revision of the scripts for the videos to formulate the messages clearly and convincingly.

    • Consulting: Support with the strategic planning and implementation of the social media campaign.

Social Media Instagram Werbung Videoproduktion Nina Lehmann 04


The nine Instagram promotional videos/reels created helped Nina Lehmann to successfully promote her event. The visually appealing and convincing videos led to a significant increase in registrations and increased Nina Lehmann’s online presence on the various platforms.
Added value: Our comprehensive support and the high-quality production of the videos helped to promote Nina Lehmann’s event optimally and reach a larger target group. The well thought-out combination of visual, acoustic and content elements made for an effective and appealing campaign.
Conclusion: Working with Nina Lehmann to create the Instagram promotional videos was extremely successful. Thanks to our comprehensive post-production, audio and video editing services and content consulting, we were able to create an effective advertising campaign that contributed significantly to the increase in event registrations.

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