For the intro and outro of the documentary, we developed high-quality animations that capture the mood and theme of the program. The map animations were used to illustrate the geographical location and itinerary through Kazakhstan to the audience, showcasing the different locations and points of interest.
The design of the animations was done in close collaboration with the NDR production team to ensure that the visual elements were seamlessly integrated into the overall production. The animations were carefully edited and fine-tuned to ensure a consistent and appealing presentation.

ndr doku kartenanimation thatworksmedia 02


The intro, outro and map animations helped to make the documentary about Kazakhstan visually appealing and informative. The animations captured the atmosphere of the country and took the audience on a captivating journey through Kazakhstan.

The documentary was successfully broadcast on NDR and received positive feedback from viewers. The visual elements helped to present the history and diversity of Kazakhstan in an impressive way and arouse the interest of the audience.

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