NDR Documentary Animation

We created the intro, the outro and the map animations for the documentation for this commissioned production for NDR.

Kazakhstan is a huge and mysterious country. This is where the Silk Road ran and brought the country to bloom. A nomadic empire that was once conquered by Genghis Khan. The documentary succeeds in giving an unusual insight into the still strictly sealed off star city of Baikonur. Almost 20 rockets still launch here every year. The horses were kept in Kazakhstan in the distant past, 5,500 years ago. “They are the wings of the Kazakhs,” says a local saying. Around 1.7 million horses still live in Kazakhstan today – and mare’s milk is one of the staple foods for the Kazakhs.

For more information on the documentary project, visit  the NDR page here.

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Editor: Robert Handrick
Produced By: Tellux Gruppe

Author: That Works Media UG (haftungsbeschänkt)
Author webpage: https://thatworksmedia.com/


Produziert für

Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR – www.ndr.de



Adobe After Effects