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Portfolio Category: Postproduction

Musikvideo Produktion Sapta ThatWorksMedia 06

Music Video |
Sapta – It’s Ok

Implementation For the production of the music video, we organized and carried out the filming on the beaches and in the hinterland of Pondicherry. Care was taken to capture the atmosphere and mood of the song and make it visually appealing….

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Logo Animation |
World Policy Forum

Implementation We worked closely with the Gretchen agency to develop the concept for the logo animation. Various ideas and design elements were considered to create a dynamic and engaging animation. Using professional animation and motion graphics techniques, the World Policy Forum…

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| Farewell video

Implementation We began by selecting the images from the managing director’s time at Fröbel and identifying those that were particularly significant. These images were then transformed into 3D animations, paying particular attention to details such as movement, transitions and visual effects.The…

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e-Learning |
Farm&Food Praxis-Talk

Topics The first talk on the topic of communication in agriculture was a complete success with almost 400 participants. The second practical talk was also characterized by an open exchange, a lot of mutual interest and points of contact on the…

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Explainer Video |
Freedom of Expression

Content of the video The script of the video covers important topics such as the definition of opinions, the distinction between opinions and facts, the meaning of the Basic Law and the legal limits of freedom of expression. It also addresses…

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Documentary |
Story of Adyar

Press reviews “”Until the late 1980s, Susai’s entire family in Pattinapakkam was busy fishing in the Adyar estuary. Now only his son Sahayam ventures into the sea to fish. The reason for this is that the heavy pollution near the estuary…

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dena |
Smart Meter Rollout

Implementation We worked closely with the Gretchen agency to develop the concept for the trailer. Emphasis was placed on a dynamic and engaging presentation of the people involved and the subject matter. By using high-quality footage and professional editing techniques, a…

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werbung filmproduktion animation thatworksmedia 01

Delivery App |
Video Advertisement

Implementation From filming on the streets of Berlin to post-production, VFX and animation, the entire production was realized by the team at That Works Media. We focused on presenting the electric car and the new packaging symbols in dynamic and engaging…

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